November 5, 2007


I hope that you enjoy your new website. There are several people behind the scenes working hard to make it possible.

On a weekly basis we will be posting the upcoming training and organized rides. Let’s say on Wednesday of each week. I am looking for a few of you to step up to the plate and take ownership of the local ride in your area. The team will need someone from Miami (Gabriel?) and someone from Broward (Kristin?) to let Al or me know when and where so we can put it up on the site. I believe Reid and/or Nicole will take that responsibility for the Palm Beach area.

We have many new riders this year! It is great to see you on the road with us. Welcome to the team.

We have a few aggressive goals this year. First is to raise 100k for MS. We can do this by soliciting corporate donations. Anyone you know or do business with can be approached. These are donations to MS that will go on your account. The team receives no money!

Second is a huge membership drive. We are looking to exceed the 100 member mark this year! Get your friends and co-workers ramped up for the next ride! We are going to have a blast!

Finally, I will be ordering the new team kits by the end of January. We will have our team kits by the first week in March. VOmax will be making them this year. I will have a picture of them on our website by mid-November. They look great and I have already approved the art work. All we are waiting on is your order and the conclusion of the corporate donor inclusion window to close. Any donors $500 or greater will have their name or logo on this kit. You have until the second week in January to get me the artwork.

I look forward to seeing you all again. Please register for the team soon. It’s $20.00 but will double soon.

Let me know if there is anything you want added to the website.

~ Ride Storm or Ride Home ~

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