Welcome to a Team StormRiders Ride



What you see is an informal group of cyclists who are self-organized to ride together for fun, fitness, and charity.  We do not “run” anything.  There are no dues, no membership rosters, and no meetings.  There is no ride sign-in, no liability waiver – we are each responsible only to ourselves. There is a captain of TSR and he/she is responsible for organizing rides, overseeing the purchase of kits and managing the website, Facebook page, and email blasts (Captains log).

 Encouraging beginners is an important step in cycling and is practiced by TSR, everyone is welcome.  For ease of identification of one another we have jerseys and shorts made each year with the team logo and sponsors logos imprinted.  Information about TSR jerseys and shorts will be made available on the website: www.teamstormriders.com and email blasts when they become available. Everyone is welcome to purchase a TSR kit.

 Safety is an important part of our rides.  So we try to ride on roads with little traffic and do so very carefully.  Because we ride close together in pacelines, everyone from beginners to experienced racers needs to know what we expect from each other.  For safety our mostly unspoken rules are:


  • Double paceline (except for short segments or road conditions where single makes sense)
  • Keep within 1 to 3 feet of the rider in front
  • Pull only at the agreed speed (subject to being reminded)
  • Signal and drop back after a reasonable pull (so everyone gets a turn). Signal by tapping your hip on the side you want to be passed on then move to the side while keeping the pace. Once clear of the line, slow down and move to the back
  • Point out and shout out holes
  • Shout out “car up”,  “car passing”, “car left”, etc.
  • Shout out “mechanical” if someone is having one and needs to stop
  • Keep the pedals moving unless slowing or braking in which you will say “slowing” or signal with your hand



  • Overlap wheels with the cyclist in front
  • Use aero bars
  • Leave gaps which interfere with the draft
  • Pedal erratically (stand up, sit down, coast) it can be confusing to others
  • Cuss out or make gestures to motorists who don’t like cyclists, its counter productive
  • Get offended if someone lets you know your riding is worrying us
  • Ride with no hands (drop back if you need to do this)
  • Use earbuds (prevents you from hearing others)
  • Jabber on the phone (drop back if you need to do this)

 Again, if a StormRider tells you that you’re doing something wrong, please don’t be offended. We just want everyone in the group to ride safely and not be a hazard to their neighbor in the paceline. A smooth running paceline makes the ride so much more enjoyable.

 double paceline………Single paceline

Ride Storm!