MS-150 Info

Greetings StormRiders!

 MS 150 starts Saturday from the FIU Tamiami Campus.

Pedals up at 7:00 AM

The TSR team picture will be taken at 6:30 AM on the FIU football field. Please don’t be late!

Entrance to the parking lot for the ride will be on Coral Way and 112 ave. NOT 107 ave as before.

TSR will NOT have a tent at the finish line this year.

TSR will start all together, then break into 2 groups (faster/slower) a few miles into the ride.

TSR has dinner reservations for 24 people at Marker 88 in Islamorada – about 10 miles south of the MS finish line area.
If you would like to attend, we’ll have to carpool to get there as most of rode a bike into town! I can fit an extra 5 in my car, we’ll need more. If your spouse or significant other brought a vehicle down we’ll need it.
The food is a little pricey so check the menu on the link above and be sure it fits your budget. Since we do this once a year, my thought is to splurge a little!
** Please RSVP to so I have an accurate head count.


~Ride Storm~


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