November 14, 2007


Just a few house keeping items for you. If you have not registered for the team yet please do so. You can click the tab above ‘join storm riders’ and go to the MS site. It’s $20 now but will be increasing soon!

Given the holiday season amongst us, I think it would be great to get together for a cocktail hour somewhere. I realize the team is spread out throughout S. Fla so we can organize several. If you think this is something you would be interested in, please spearhead it. I will give you distribution list in your area.

Fundraising. We only have about 6-7 more weeks to get me all of the art work for the team kits. If you have a corporate donor that would like to have their logo or name on our jersey, please let me know asap.

Also, If you have not ordered your team kit/jersey yet, please take care of that as soon as possible. I will be placing the order once at the end of January. Contact me if you need the pricing and sizing. You can see the jersey design on the ‘2008 jersey’ tab.

Finally, I need help with the Marathon of the Palm Beaches. Please register for ‘Bike Patrol’ and note that you are with Team STORM RIDERS. The folks over their at the marathon have put our team logo on the website. Go to Sponsor page under the heading About to see your logo under Special Sporting Sponsors. They have put a link to us there as well!

RECRUIT NEW RIDERS – We are at 40 registered members as of today! We need 100!

~ Ride Storm or Ride Home ~

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