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Greetings StormRiders!

Team, as So Fla slowly gets back to work and play I am challenged to figure out if and when we can all ride again. There is a lot of information and a lot of mis-information! So until I get straight answers continue riding alone or in small groups practicing social distancing etiquette.

We’ll get through this.

Capt Rick

Ride Storm!

Saturday 5/23


– Saturday weather forecast: 79°/86° – Wind <- E @ 12

Sunday 5/24


– Sunday weather forecast: 78°/84° – Wind <- ENE @ 12

Tuesday/ Thursday

Grand Tours and local events


  • 7/4 – 4th of July Ride and Marty Party??
  • 10/8 – Mount Dora Bicycle Festival?

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~Ride Storm~

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